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Let it grow. 🌱

Introducing Ornamental Cannabis & Decorative Hemp.

Join the movement. Grow Cannabaceae aka Hemp as a houseplant and unlock the full beauty and potential of the world's hardest working and most misunderstood plant.


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House plant trained hemp, in some cases bred specifically for inclement house conditions and selected for its aromatics to ensure the rooms they are in are covered in the finest terpenes.
We can help decorate your next event and bring a pleasant surprise to your guests that is sure to impress. Book our plants for display or to give a class on how to grow decorative hemp at home.
Coming Soon
Our white glove service will keep your space fresh with as many decorative hemp house plants tailored to you and maintained by us. Coming Soon to Chicagoland!

Defining a New Category: Decorative Hemp

We Are Growing To Shape the Future of At-Home Hemp Cultivation Through The Research & Development of The Decorative Hemp Category. We envision a future where the art and science of hemp/cannabis cultivation is accessible to all - from the large-scale producers to the passionate at-home growers and want to lead the way in how it's done.

With the ever-evolving landscape of the cannabis industry, now is the time to grow and firmly shape what the at-home grower experience looks like by establishing an industry defining framework.

Decorative Hemp will help explore the plant like never before with an unlimited amount of growers and an unlimited amount of enviornments. The Decorative category will help further normalize the cannabis, unlock new talent, discover new product, and herald innovation into the ever evolving and carefully curated cannabis industry. will be at the roots of this growth and help lead the movement. You can help us by supporting our products and placing your pre-orders as early in each run as possible. You can also sign-up to attend upcoming in-person classes right here in the heart of Chicago! Come grow this wonderful new category with us!

Let's Grow Together!


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