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Seed Sack

Introducing the Seed Sack™: The ultimate solution for gardeners seeking a no-fuss, reliable method for seed germination. Our innovative Seed Sack™ simplifies the planting process with a pre-packaged, moisture-retaining seed cloud that encases high-quality seeds.



Add Warm Water to Seed Sack

Carefully open your Seed Sack by shaking the sack and cutting open the top. Keep everything in the sack and then add about two tablespoons of warm water. Ideally between 75f and 85f. Remove the excess water by tipping over the Seed Sack gently. No need to squeeze.


Store Covered for 36 Hours In Warm Place

Now we wait for the seeds to germinate. Normally the Seed Sack contains between 2 and 3 seeds to help increase the chances of a successful House Hemp birth.



Plant Germinated Seed In House Soil

This is the last step in our Seed Sack System Process. Place the seedlings with the taproot (white part) down into the provided House Soil. Now carefully soak the soil with room temperature water, between 72f-85f, and use the soil bag to cover the area where the seedling is planted.

Now simply, let it grow! 🌱

Keep your baby House Hemp in a warm and in the most sunlight you can muster. For more tips about caring for your House Hemp, click here.

Product Features


  • Easy-to-Use: Just add warm water to the packet, and let the seeds begin their germination journey—no need to handle or unpack the seeds.

  • Quick Germination: Expect to see taproots within 36 hours, thanks to our optimized environment within the Seed Sack™.

  • Safe and Secure: Seeds are kept snug in a specially designed paper towel, reducing the risk of loss or damage.

  • Eco-Friendly: Our packets are made from biodegradable materials, supporting your garden and the planet.

  • Versatile: Suitable for a variety of plant types, giving you the freedom to grow flowers, herbs, or vegetables with ease.

How It Works:


  1. Do Not Unpack: The seeds are pre-placed in their optimal positions. No need to open or disturb them.

  2. Add Warm Water: Moisten the paper towel through the packet to activate the germination cycle.

  3. Wait 36 Hours: Allow the seeds to germinate within the packet.

  4. Unpack and Plant: Once the taproots appear, your seeds are ready to be planted in soil.

Seed Sack™ takes the guesswork out of germination, offering a straightforward and efficient path to a thriving garden. Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or trying out your first planting, Seed Sack™ is the easiest way to germinate seeds.

Want to sell your seeds using the Seed Sack System?

Breeders, sign up to our pilot program to get your seeds in our House Hemp Starter Kits, and learn how to give your customers a better seed germination experience that is more sustainable, a better and friendlier experience that gives you peace of mind and will save on time and your bottom line.

Thank you fellow grower.

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