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Take & Bake
Bonsai Starter Kit

Welcome home grower. Thank you for welcoming one of the world's hardest working and misunderstood plants into your home. We hope that this is the beginning of a wonderful, long, and fruitful relationship. Use this simple guide to get started with your Take & Bake Bonsai Starter Kit.


Let's get started!


What's in the box?


  • SeedSack™๏ธ - Enough Ruderalis seeds to get you started on your journey of growing the world's most underestimated house plant. Currently shipping with genetics shaped and selected around its colorful display and tropical fruit and candy room filling aromas. 

  • House Soil - Approximately, 2 Cups of our specially formulated that makes growing House Hemp from seed to fossil as easy as just adding water. 

  • Bonsai Training Pot (or Equivalent) - a 6 x 5 x 2 training pot designed to let you anchor and ties so you can shape the House Hemp to your desires.

  • TableTerps - Each pack contains the decorative accessories that are required by the assigned theme, which is chosen at random during boxing. Enjoy our building your garden with themes like Beachfront, Othello, Glacier, Onyx, and many, many, more. 

  • HouseTools - Each Starter Kit comes with the tools you need to start growing House Hemp right away. Including precision cutters suitable for cutting wire and pruning branches, wire.

  • MileStone - Every kit comes with a Milestone that glows in the dark and is designed to mark an important moment in your plants life cycle, like a first s-bend that you can tie down with the Milestone's shaping wire, or simply to help you find your friends in the dark.

    Each kit might vary a little in what is packaged depending on the theme. Finding out what is in the box is part of the fun.

Now that we are unboxed lets grow!



Name Your Plant

On the included card, put your House name in the "Grown By" field and the name of your plant on the "Cultivar"line and keep the card handy to include in all the photos you will be taking of your new friend.


Prepare Soil

The bag of House Soil should come to you in a ready to use state. If it the soil looks dry, the bag didn't display condensation, or noticeably less dark than you see in the photo, simply add 2 tablespoons of water to the bag, reseal it and shake the contents until the water has been absorbed and distributed into the House Soil.



Add Soil & Seed

Add the House Soil to the container and create a crater in the soil where you want to germinate the seed that can fit at least two of the included House Light Stones. In the empty crater, add one of the included House Hemp Seeds. We are ready to pop.


Germinate Seed

We will now germinate the seed by carefully adding 40 to 50mL of water (about a shot glass) to the area where we planted the sea, ideally slightly above room temperature if your room is below 75F. So let's assume your home is at 65F, then your water should be at least 75F. Anything below will slow down the natural biome that will bloom in your soil.



Cover & Bake For 2-4 Days

We will now lightly cover the germination area. You can do this anyway you like, and it is not even a requirement. We do it to help retain moisture a little longer, and as you can see from our reuse of the soil bag, you see that you can improvise in any way that makes sense for your environment. Once covered, put the container in a warm and humid environment to increase the chances of success. How warm? No less than 72F. How humid? We are creating a small pocket of high humidity by covering the plant as illustrated, germinating hemp loves humidity in the 75%-90% range. You don't need to change your comfort zones though, our friends are flexible, but ideally your local humidity is between 40-55% humidity.


Over the next few days add water as the top of the medium shows you visually that it is drying by lightening up colorwise and the container itself feels as light as air. 50-100mL of water at a time focused on and around the germination area.


Dress Up

Once our House Hemp Seed sprouts we are going to wait patiently until the seedling reaches 1.5 - 2" inches of height. You can use the included House Hemp branded stake to check the height visually. After it has reached the "hemp" in the HouseHemp logo, it is ready to be dressed up. You will have added water at least once or twice to get to this stage, however, if you have not watered lets wait until we are done dressing her up so that you can take note of the weight including the decorative media and make it easier to guess by weight if your girl will be needing water, and how much.


Carefully add the decorative elements to cover the exposed House Soil as your creative heart demands. Once you are done, add some water if she needs it and its time to put her in your homes best source of light. Ideally around a side table that gets a generous amount of sun light every day.

Your House Hemp is now ready to grow! In about a week or two we will come back to show you how to shape your House Hemp. In the meantime, keep her warm, watered and well liked by making sure you take as many photos as you can to document your progress.


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