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Our First Pop-Up

Last Saturday, at Stash in Orland Hills, under the cover of Halloweed, costumed customers, masked industry regulars, and incredibly spooky brands, we had the blessing of debuting to the public our concept of Decorative Hemp. And let me tell you, we are blown away by the response! We couldn't keep our babies on the table without finding a new grower with every new visit to our table!

To all of our new home growers, welcome aboard. We hope you can join us for our planned weekly online events and other live events. We are here to make sure you learn how to grow Decorative Hemp as simply as possible. Let's learn together! Join us for the Couch Canopy Live space every Wednesday at 4:20pm CST on X.

We are planning our next Pop-up so stay tuned. Follow us on X, Instagram, and sign up to our SEEDCLUB in the footer for the inside scoop.

See you soon.

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