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House Hemp Moves Out Of The Basement

“No idea survives first interaction with a customer” - Steve Blank

Dear Friends and Supporters,

When House Hemp was founded, we had a simple vision - to normalize Decorative Hemp. Over the past three months, we have made remarkable strides, collaborating with dozens of partners across numerous pilot projects. We've been heartened by the warm embrace of the industry, proving that there is a strong demand for hemp as a houseplant. We've also demonstrated how Decorative Hemp can become a symbol of normalization, all while ensuring that our journey is in compliance with the laws and regulations of the great state of Illinois.

Today, we are thrilled to share some exciting announcements about the future:

  1. Leadership Changes: We are delighted to welcome Brad Zerman, a seasoned veteran of the cannabis industry and the founder of Seven Point, as our new Chief Executive Officer. Under his guidance, our team is poised to accelerate our vision for Decorative Hemp.

  2. Founder's New Role: Founder Joshua Hernandez will transition to the role of Chief Product Officer. He will continue to drive innovation and uphold the promise that the House Hemp brand has proven in such a short span.

  3. New Creative Officer: We are proud to introduce Debbie Kong to our founding team as our Chief Creative Officer. With her impressive background in UX leadership at companies like Redbox and the flower industry giant FTD, Debbie will ensure that our vision is supported by a world-class user experience.

  4. Rebranding Announcement: Effective immediately, we are officially rebranding as "Bonsai Bakery," a Horticultural Thinktank dedicated to the exploration of Hemp as a House Plant and Decorative Hemp as a genre. House Hemp will remain one of our flagship brands, alongside other initiatives like our educational and events brand, Table Terps; our culinary ingredients brand, Ganja Greens; and our genetics and germination products brand, in partnership with Money Tree Genetics, Seed Sack.

  5. Expansion with Money Tree Genetics: We are excited to announce that Money Tree Genetics will handle all our Take & Bake Starter Kits, allowing us to scale the kits with seeds sourced from across the industry, to be included in our Seed Sack.

  6. Decorative Hemp Association: Later this week, we will proudly launch the Decorative Hemp Association, an organization dedicated to defining the Decorative Hemp charter, rules, awards, and more.

We want to express our gratitude for your support and involvement on this incredible journey. We look forward to growing together. If you are interested in participating in our upcoming seed round, collaborating with us, or carrying our products, please don't hesitate to reach out. Your continued support means the world to us.

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