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Caring For Your Plants

Oh, honeybees! 🌼 Let's dive into the whimsical world of watering our lovely House Hemp, shall we? 🌱✨

Ruderalis, my dears, is like that eager sunflower in your garden, always reaching for the sky! Depending on where you've planted it, the stage it's at, and its overall mood (yes, plants have moods too!), it might ask for a little more or a little less water. 🌦️

Now, for our special House mix, we dance by the tune of "less is more" when it comes to water. But, oh daisies! What does "less" mean? And how "often" is often? 🤔💧

Let's sprinkle some clarity on this, petal by petal! 🌸

What is LESS WATER?🚿

Imagine you're giving your decorative ruderalis a cozy blanket of soil. How big is that blanket?

That's where we start!

At our lovely garden corner, BonsaiBakery, we have a little cheat sheet for our pots:

XS - 1 Cup - 120 g (like a tiny tulip bulb!)

SM - 1 Cup - 237 g (a budding rose!)

MD - 2 Cup - 474 g (a cheerful daisy!)

LG - 4 Cup - 948 g (a full-grown sunflower!)

XL - 5 Cup - 1185 g (a blossoming peony!)

XXL - 6 Cup - 1422 g (a majestic magnolia!)

What is MORE OFTEN?⏳

We aim for our plant's soil to feel like a morning dew - just the right amount of moisture. But, oh my marigolds! That "right amount" can change based on where you've placed it, the light it gets, and even the songbirds chirping outside (okay, maybe not the last one, but you get the idea!). 🎶

Let's paint a picture: Your room is a cozy 75 Degrees F with a gentle humidity of 50%. 🌡️

Our dream? For the soil to feel like it's basking in a 35-45% humidity during the plant's most active hours. And when is our hemp the busiest?


Think of it like the sun at high noon during a 12-hour day - the middle 6 hours! If the soil feels like the Sahara at 0-10% humidity, and our hemp looks like it's longing for a drink, let's quench its thirst but only up to 45-50% of the soil's volume. Once the extra droplets find their way out, our hemp is in its happy place! 🌞

But, garden fairies, remember! If your plants are cozied up above a warm radiator, and trust us, hemp LOVES a well insulted radiator where they can pretend it's summer all winter long, and they  might ask for a little extra drink, maybe 10-15% more. Just make sure the water feels like a gentle spring day, not too hot! 🌈🌷


This dynamic or water and timing will manifest itself in many different ways, we are here to help you dial it in! Hit the Let's Chat anytime for a helpful hand! 💬

Happy gardening, my green-thumbed friends! 🍀🌿✨

Watering Based on Room Conditions

Here's a handy table to guide your watering based on room temperature and humidity:

Avg Room Temperature (°F) / Room Relative Humidity (RH) / Watering Volume (% of Soil Volume)
60-65°F / 40-50% / 25-30%
65-70°F / 35-45%/ 30-35%
70-75°F / 30-40% / 35-40%
75-80°F / 25-35% / 40-45%
80-85°F / 20-30% / 45-50%
85-90°F / 15-25% / 50-55%


🌼 Notes:

  • As the temperature rises and RH decreases, the watering volume tends to increase.

  • If your plants are near a heat source (like a radiator), consider adding an extra 10-15% to the watering volume.

  • Always ensure the water temperature is close to room temperature.

  • Monitor your hemp's health and adjust watering practices accordingly.

Every plant has its own personality, so it's all about finding that sweet spot where your House Hemp feels happiest. With this guide, you're well on your way to ensuring your hemp thrives and flourishes. Happy gardening! 🍃🌼✨

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