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Bonsai Starter Kit

Welcome home grower. Thank you for welcoming one of the world's hardest working and misunderstood plants into your home. We hope that this is the beginning of a wonderful, long, and fruitful relationship. Use this simple guide to get started with your Take & Bake Bonsai Starter Kit.

Let it grow! 🌱


No High Expectations - Grow Ruderalis as a houseplant, the low stress way.


Master Grower Support - Learn to grow confidently with us online and in the garden. 


Everything You Need - Seeds, Soil, Tools, all you need to add is some love and water.



SeedSack - All seeds come in our easy 1-Sack, 3-Step Seed germination system.


Free SeedSack Voucher - Seeds for now, and for later. Enough to reach your goals!


Join the movement to bring Ruderalis as a houseplant and let it grow. 🌱

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